Remains of the Day: Tabloid entertainment

The (putatively) true Hollywood story behind Apple's acquisition of AuthenTec, a (possible) sneak preview of the new iPhone dock-connector port, and the judge in the Apple-Samsung case exposes a troubling drug habit (sort of). Extra, extra, read all about the remainders for Thursday, August 16, 2012.

(The Next Web)

An SEC filing on suggests that the purchase was centered on new technology--likely, 2D fingerprint sensors--developed by the security firm that it was shopping to consumer electronics companies. Apple wanted the rights to that technology, and apparently it wanted them quickly, leading some to theorize that the tech might find its way into Apple's next iPhone. Or, alternatively, a really excellent fingerpainting app.


Speaking of the next iPhone, has posted pictures from a French website, which purport to be of the ribbon cable for for the iPhone and iPad. Take a step back from that for a moment: Pictures of ribbon cable in a UK tabloid. What's next, a cover screaming "MacBook Fans Not as as Thought!"

(Ars Technica)