Remains of the Day: Now in 3D


Microsoft copped to illegally plastering ads for Windows Phone on sidewalks around San Francisco, though it contended that they were nothing more than temporary water-soluble "chalk art." Unfortunately, that chalk art has failed to wash away after a heavy rainstorm, making this yet another invention out of Redmond that has overstayed its welcome.


Apple's is paying dividends already, in the form of this commercial for the magical device. Say, did anybody else get the model with the "dissipate your entire house into nothingness" feature, because I'm on the fence.

(Network World)

Turns out Steve Ballmer has a secret--and now --. In it, he apparently only posts notes about his trips to Russia and the Ukraine. (Because in the former Soviet Union, Twitter tweets you.) He's yet to quite figure out the service, though. His latest tweet, presumably about his dinner, read only "BORSCHT BORSCHT BORSCHT BORSCHT BORSCHT BORSCHT."