Predictions 2011: The year data pays


2. Businesses of every kind will get used to delivering their services over networks. Even when in a store, at a bus stop or in a stadium, the experience will be enhanced by having a device in hand. The real economy will become a networked economy and every business will be a part of it - not just content and software.

3. Software in a box will be the rare exception. Get it in an App store or as a cloud service.

4. Ultra Fast Broadband and RBI will enable all of the above -- and deliver a large amount of video, often Over-The-Top video.

5. Retail margins won't be high on open access networks and much of the innovation will be in applications, devices and cloud services -- none of which are tied to access networks in the broadband era.

So what must operators and their suppliers do? Focus on the new models and making money from what consumers and businesses do over "their" networks. 2011 will be a year in which things change more than ever before as we shift to broadband as the standard model -- and we are doing that even before the fibre and LTE networks are built. It's hard to guess how many homes will be connected next year, but its easy to predict that communications and ICT will never be the same again.