PCWorld Readers Say the PC Era is Alive and Well

Last week, IBM PC pioneer Mark Dean proclaimed the . Dean's comments seemed familiar--after all, Apple's Steve Jobs has been since the launch of the iPad 2.

I asked PCWorld readers to respond with their thoughts on the "end of the PC era," and quite a few of you did. The general consensus seems to be that you believe the PC is nowhere near dead--and, if anything, you agree with Microsoft's corporate communications chief Frank Shaw.

wrote his own blog post, in which he refers to the age of computing we have now entered as the "PC-plus" era.

Under Shaw's reasoning, our phones, tablets, and other computing devices have a symbiotic relationship with our PCs, rather than trying to replace them. Readers echoed many of Shaw's points, and also brought up a few other key reasons as to why PCs will be around for the foreseeable future.

"I agree that it is more the 'PC-plus' era - a tablet is just another appliance."

- chuckchuck