PC World's Most Popular Stories of 2008

We had a sneaking suspicion it was so, and now we know for sure: Our readers are a savvy bunch. The stories that you liked this year also happen to be some of our favorites, too. Here's a list of PC World's most popular stories of 2008.


Maybe it's true that people want what they can't have. That must be why our most popular story of the year is about products that aren't available here in the United States--at least, not yet. Our slide show includes an HDTV that can fit in your pocket, a remote that you can talk to, and eight more products that, for now, you'll have to cross an ocean to buy.


You may look at your computer keyboard and think it's the same kind that has been around for years--or even decades. Hardly. Take a look at the keyboard found on the Commodore 64, or the beastly model found on the Timex Sinclair, and you'll appreciate just how far we've come.