Oxford Dictionaries Online Entries Will Have Techies Abuzz

Twitter isn't just a social network, it's now part of the electronic lexicon.

has added Twittersphere to its listing of words, along with technology oriented acronyms like ZOMG and NSFW.

Nearly half of the 35 new entries have their origins in technology and the online world.

Twittersphere is defined by the electronic dictionary as "postings made on the social networking site Twitter, considered collectively." ZOMG is a play on the words "oh my God" and refers to a sarcastic comment on an inexperienced or overenthusiastic poster. It is used especially on electronic message boards. NSFW, the common email parlance for "Not Safe For Work," has also been made official.

Some other recent additions techies will be familiar with: badware, breadcrumb trail, infographic, network neutrality, paperless, permalink, and Cyber Monday, which seems a bit of a late addition since the marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving on which shoppers snap up deals online has been used for several years now.

There is at least one new entry that may not be familiar to most Americans, but perhaps it will be to people overseas. The word is lappy, which is slang for laptop.