Newegg: Get your fake Intel CPUs here


About the only thing these chips could demonstrate is that if you're planning to go into the bogus CPU business, it might behoove you to learn how to spell "socket."

Using information it says it got from Newegg sources, the HardOCP site reported (incorrectly) that the source of the bogus chips was D&H Distributing. That earned it an immediate nastygram from D&H's attorneys, who on its site and keep it there for a month.

So to be perfectly clear: D&H Distribution is not in the business of distributing fake Intel CPUs that have fewer working parts than a Barbie doll.

Newegg did subsequently publish , calling the chips "questionable" and "counterfeit." But really, even that doesn't begin to describe them. And it's giving full refunds (duh) to anyone who got one of these.

I have to wonder, though, if it would make more sense to hold onto them as collector's items. I mean, how often does a major electronics dealer get pwned this badly? They could be worth actual (not fake) money on eBay one day.