NetApp promises 'almost immediate' ROI

New end-to-end storage management technologies can provide 'almost immediate' return on investment (ROI) for storage, network, and server assets, according to storage and data management provider NetApp.

NetApp made the claim while announcing the availability of its new SANscreen 5.0, an addition to its product suite that it says 'provides customers with increased storage management capabilities for improved cost savings and data center efficiencies'.

"The NetApp SANscreen product suite empowers customers by providing them with the tools needed to better manage their storage environment, resulting in reduced costs and increased data center efficiencies," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions Marketing at NetApp.

"With SANscreen 5.0, customers receive even more detailed insight into their storage environments, allowing them to improve their business operations."

Enterprise Storage Group analyst Bob Laliberte, said that, with today's economy, enterprise customers needed to find ways to increase utilisation of their existing IT infrastructure and to lower their costs.

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