Microsoft to roll out new version of WGA


Tuesday's change in WGA Notifications is aimed at addressing complaints from users who have yet to pass WGA by creating a new "indeterminate" category for copies of XP that failed to prove they were genuine yet did not use a license of XP known by Microsoft to be pirated.

Microsoft keeps a database of pirated XP licenses, most of which are stolen from corporations using a single volume license to install multiple Windows on multiple PCs.

Users with copies of XP labeled "indeterminate" are also provided with more information to troubleshoot the problem, according to a Microsoft spokeswoman.

The majority of Windows XP users, whose copies of XP have already passed Microsoft's WGA program, can safely ignore the updated tool.

Microsoft initially tested WGA Notifications this summer as a "high-priority" fix via Automatic Updates, a category typically reserved for security and bug fixes. to get WGA Notifications downloaded automatically along with their security updates and complained, saying that Microsoft was acting no different than a purveyor of spyware.