McNealy touts planned eight-core processor


This is a time when technology is helping people connect to various networks and the Internet to participate and 'share' information and knowledge globally. 'We're going to build the infrastructure that allows that participation, and we're going to do it,' McNealy said.

Part of this effort is the creation of large communities, such as communities built around the development of open source technology, which Sun has pledged to support.

McNealy said Sun will continue to offer its products to the open source community, similar to what it has done with its Solaris operating system. Since June this year, Sun has tracked down around 2.5 million downloads of its Solaris 10 operating system based on an open source licensing model.

Sun's first batch of Sun Fire servers will include the single-socket x64 rack-mount X2100 server, priced from US$886; the x4100 four-way server, priced from $2,611; and the x4200 four-way server, priced from $3,088.