Macworld Superguide sale: Save on 16 popular titles

Here at , we pride ourselves on offering helpful tips, tricks, and information not only through our magazine and on our website, but through our popular Superguide book series. As we approach our sixth anniversary, we're moving our webstore; to celebrate, we're cleaning house and offering you, our readers, , available as printed books and CDs.

Over the last six years, we've experimented with a variety of printed books, CDs, ebooks, and PDFs, all in the name making a quality product our readers can enjoy. Now, in preparation for a store move, we're clearing our current stock and offering 16 of our Superguide titles at deep discount until November 23; wait too long, and you may miss out on owning a CD or printed book of a soon-to-be-retired title.

On CD, we have high-quality PDFs of our Superguides for the original iPad, the iPhone 4, and switching to a Mac. Have a iPhone 4 or original iPad? We provide step-by-step instructions for getting acquainted with your device and properly setting it up before diving into details. Get in-depth knowledge of its hardware and software, including how to sync and load all your favorite music, movies, television shows, podcasts, apps, and files using iTunes. And if you're making that first leap from Windows, our switching guide can help. Originally $12.95, these are all on clearance for just .

If you're still running Snow Leapord on your Mac or MacBook, we have three information-packed Superguide books on clearance for you: Total Snow Leopard details everything you'll need to know about the Mac OS, while Mac Basics: Snow Leopard offers 126 pages of basics for the novice Mac user. And for those wanting more, Mac OS X Hints: Snow Leopard provides useful hints, tips, and tricks. All three printed books have had their prices reduced from $24.99 to just . Also available: printed books that aid you in troubleshooting your Mac, or improving it with some of our handpicked Mac Gems.

For a complete list of all clearance titles, check out our . And be sure to check out the most recent titles in our popular , including , , and . You can buy any of our recent titles as ebooks on the iBookstore or Kindle, downloadable PDF/ePub bundles, PDFs on CD, and printed books.