LOTUSPHERE - Users see promise in new collaboration apps


Another user, Geert Van de Steen, a Notes/Domino consultant for Tech Team A.N.E. in Brussels, Belgium, was more subdued. For his customers, who hire him to help with their IT problems, the glitzy new features are more than they need, he said. "If I suggested these new versions to them, they would laugh at me," Van de Steen said. Many of his customers are still using Notes and Domino 6 and looking to make better use of them daily, he said.

"We are professionals. We don't need these fancy things," he said of Quickr and Connections.

The problem with new features, he said, is that they are not always new, but are simply old features recycled and given new names. "Quickr is a repackaged [former Lotus] Workplace," he said. "So far, it has been old gifts in new paper."