Liquid Machines pours out new DRM software

Von Bob Francis

Liquid Machines Inc. Monday announced the release of Email Control Version 6.0, an e-mail policy and security messaging software package designed for enterprise networks.

Email Control 6.0 enhances Microsoft Corp."s Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for Windows Server 2003 with server-side policy enforcement capabilities, said Chris Barclay, product manager at Liquid Machines. "We believe by building on the RMS platform, customers can extend their core services to offer more consistent server-side policy management," he said.

Using Email Control Version 6.0, companies can make policies as to who has access to which documents and what those workers can do with those documents, he said. "Companies can allow certain workers to read documents, but prevent those same workers from printing those same documents out," said Barclay.

Liquid Machines" new release is the first since the company"s recent acquisition of Omniva Policy Systems, a provider of secure messaging solutions. The acquisition helped Liquid Machines to expand its products to cover a wider variety of applications, said Barclay.

In addition to support for Microsoft Windows RMS, the new release allows organizations to set corporate e-mail usage policies and includes features such as BlackBerry support, intelligent archiving, content filtering, and an automated compliance routing and reporting service.

Email Control Version 6.0 will be available at the end of the year with support for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 and Outlook.

While document rights management has been a big issue in the consumer area, particularly in the e-books market, it is just gaining traction in the corporate market, said Barclay. According to Jupiter Research, the market for corporate document security applications will grow to US$274 million by 2008, primarily driven by factors such as compliance and legal requirements.