Is Your IT Job Safe in the Cloud?

Cisco is the latest company to release , and only an average of 18 percent of respondents worldwide said they are using the cloud in any capacity.

However, the outlook is better, as 88 percent said they planned to take up the cloud in some capacity within three years.

The world is full of good intentions, of course, and surveys tend to be optimistic. That's why companies pay to have them done.

One question almost certainly omitted is whether fear for their jobs in a cloud-based world. The survey listed data security as a chief data center concern, as is typical, but is a different kind of security the real blockage--job security?

From a personal employment perspective, the cloud has arrived at the wrong moment: it's hardly a buoyant job market out there, and people value their positions. We're far less inclined than we might have been 10 years ago to take risks by redefining our roles and churning up the IT landscape.

tends to split into two areas, at least for smaller organizations: the ("Why can't I log on?"), and . There are also tasks such as purchasing new resources and training, but in smaller organizations these tend to come up occasionally.