iPhone Attachment Lets You Record 360-Degree Panoramas

If you're sick of sloppily made panoramic images, you might want to look at this for your iPhone 4. The GoPano micro, made by , attaches straight to your iPhone 4 over the existing lens; all you have to do is hit the record button in the app.

Utilizing a specially curved mirror, the 360-degree lens collects light from all directions and sends it into your iPhone 4's lens. From there you can preview the 360-degree video as it records. You can then return to the video and view it from any perspective and at any angle and at any time.

The GoPano micro is a modified version of the , which you can attach to a for both pictures and videos. With the GoPano Plus. you had to take your videos and photos off the camera and then edit them on the computer, but on the iPhone 4 the GoPano app does everything for you.

The GoPan micro also and has raised $169,209--substantially more than the initial $20,000 fundraising goal. It's not available yet, but the creators hope to make it available to you soon. Make sure to check out the full specs at the and to join the to get notified when it becomes available!

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