iPad in the Enterprise: 3 Big Worries Remain

Like a sucker punch, the iPad's popularity has taken the enterprise by surprise. Forrester Research analyst Ted Schadler recently held a teleconference with 241 IT pros to talk about the impact the iPad and other tablets may have on their organizations.

Did they have questions? You bet.

Of the 15 million iPads on the street, Forrester figures half make their way to work. Forrester released results of a survey of 2,300 IT executives last week that shows one out of four companies using or planning to use tablets.

These figures are sure to rise given the hugely successful iPad 2 debut earlier this month. Demand continues to outstrip supply, with Apple stores selling out of their daily iPad shipments within an hour. Global rollout this week has been impressive, too.

There's no question are gaining momentum, such as QuickOffice, DocuSign, SoundNote and Salesforce Chatter. One company plans to so they can leverage a new feature on the device: high-def video projector mirroring output.

The enterprise embrace of the iPad has happened quickly, even surprising Apple. "I've never seen an adoption rate on the enterprise side like this in my life," said Apple COO Tim Cook late last year, well before the iPad 2 hit the market.