IDF Keynote: Intel is Carrying the PC Torch


Ivy Bridge and Haswell will use the high performance process and will be used to build server, desktop and laptop CPUs. Ivy Bridge will be the first CPU shipped on 22nm early in 2012, with Haswell coming later. Atom, considered a system-on-chip, will use the other process. Atom products based on 22nm will begin with the version code-named Silvermont in 2013. Smith said Intel is planning on moving Atom to 14nm by 2014.

Despite having different processes for system-on-chip and traditional CPUs, Intel is unifying its design efforts and design teams, which will share all the technologies irrelevant of the process. The unified teams and design approach will help Intel speed up the development pace.

While Intel is busy getting its Ultrabook initiative launched, the Ultrabook will see its maturity with the 22nm Haswell generation, when users will see a 20x improvement in network-connected standby time.

Stay tuned for more IDF coverage over the next three days.