HP's server strategy focuses on SSDs, storage bottleneck

Hewlett-Packard (HP) says it will address the I/O bottleneck created by internal and external storage in its next generation of ProLiant servers, boosting performance by up to 50% for popular applications such as online transaction processing (OLTP) and streaming video.

HP said in that its upcoming ProLiant Gen8 server line will offer solid-state drives (SSDs) in combination with a data caching algorithm that it calls .

The HP ProLiant servers include a 6Gbps embedded SAS controller that movse from using SAS 15,000rpm hard drives to SAS-based SSDs. The new controller offers six times the performance of previous generation controllers. DRAM cache capacity is also being doubled on the servers.

"Yes, Gen8 will be a screamer and workloads will run at remarkable levels," said Steve Schultz, who leads HP's Smart Storage Firmware Engineering team. "But beyond performance, storage capacity is another pain point."

ProLiant Gen8 will also support up to 50% more hard drives over the previous generation line, for up to 36TB of capacity in a single 2U DL380.

HPs strategy revolves around its Gen8 Smart Array RAID controller, which uses SSDs and a caching algorithm it calls Dynamic Workload Acceleration for ProLiant Gen8. The algorithm will migrate the hottest data to the highest-performance storage.