Google Chat glitches hit users on Monday

Were you left waiting for an answer from your boss on Monday? Or waiting to find out if your boyfriend really wants to break up?

Well, you might have been if you were using or the web-based system Monday. The company confirmed Tuesday that messages created by a "subset" of users were left unsent due to glitches in the messaging system.

, a spokesman for , said the problems started around 1:30 EST on Monday and peaked in the next few hours. He said that by 4:30 p.m., most of the problems had been cleared up and there was an "all clear" by 7 p.m. He would not elaborate on how many users were affected by the glitch.

Users largely received an alert noting that their messages had not been sent, though that didn't happen in every case.

The spokesman would not disclose the cause of the problem, noting that Google normally doesn't share technical details on what he called minor problems.

Just last month, over the media coverage about recent . Kovacs said Monday's Gmail Chat issue was not an outage and the Gmail email system itself was not affected.