First look: MyTunes Pro HD

On Wednesday, , maker of audio enhancement hardware and applications, released an updated version of its MyTunes music browser and player, and added an iPad-compatible version for the first time. (iPhone and iPod touch) and (iPad) are akin to Apple’s Music app, but include options for tweaking the sound of your music. (I’ve been testing the MyTunes Pro HD iPad app for several weeks, and my observations that follow relate to that version, although the features are almost entirely the same on the non-HD app—the non-HD version has a Driving feature for easier app navigation.)

The free app allows you to use its advanced features for 10 minutes a day is available for free (think of it as a demo of the real app). The Premium Package costs $10, via in-app purchase. For that $10 (or $7 for the iPhone/iPod touch version) you gain full access to the Wow HD sound enhancement, EQ, TruSpeed speed control, TruVolume volume leveling, and Party and Workout mixer features. The app additionally contains some limited support for iTunes Match tracks. These are my first impressions.

Not everyone who owns an iPad is satisfied with Apple’s Music app. While its album-cover view is attractive, it becomes clumsy to navigate when you have a large music collection. And it becomes less attractive when you have unmatched album artwork—leading to scores of generic icons—which can easily happen with iTunes Match content.

Although MyTunes Pro HD displays artwork in the Album and Playlists views, every other view—Song, Artists, Genres, Composers, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Compilations—is a list. These lists aren’t nearly as sexy as album covers, but I’ve found they get you to where you want to go more quickly than scrolling through screen after screen of album artwork. Unlike the Music App, MyTunes Pro HD offers a variety of attractive generic album art, which is assigns randomly to those albums that lack artwork.

Another issue with the iPad’s Music app is that its designers emphasize artwork to the point where the play controls are on the small side. MyTune Pro HD offers much larger play controls as well as larger buttons for engaging such features as shuffle, loop, full-screen, volume, and access to the app’s sound enhancement pane.