Facebook Privacy: Uncovering 5 Important Settings

When I returned from my honeymoon at the end of August, I read that Facebook had finally taken a long-overdue step toward regaining the trust of its users by .

According to its , Facebook added inline profile controls; a new feature that lets you approve tags before they appear on your profile; changed some of its jargon; and extended a few features to both mobile and Web versions of its site.

The majority of its changes were positive--the tag approval feature relieves panic from friends posting unflattering photos, and the inline privacy controls make sharing updates and photos with specific people a lot more straight-forward.

"Well done, Facebook," I thought. But then I received a few messages from friends and colleagues wondering where X privacy setting went and how to change Y. Oh yeah, and one who asked me why her were now public. Uh oh.

So I navigated to where I had always found the rundown of privacy controls to find solutions: I clicked "Account" in the top-right of the page and selected "Privacy Settings," then found myself at a redesigned and significantly simpler page.

I poked around for a while, reminding myself that it would take time to adjust and learn how this new privacy settings page operated. But as a half hour passed, I found myself growing more frustrated with just how long it was taking me to find answers to these questions.