eSports Update: GSL 3 Round of 32, DreamHack Recap

While you were stuffing your face over Thanksgiving weekend, Global Starcraft League and DreamHack competitors were throwing down in some amazing matches. Read on to see what you missed.

The field has narrowed from 64 to 32 in the third open season of the GSL, knocking out several notable names.

Team (Zerg) was sent packing by Jong-Hyun "IMmvp" Jung (Terran) in a best-of-three set that went the distance. IdrA lost on Blistering Sands, took a surprising win on Steppes of War (which isn't thought of as a Zerg-friendly map), but lost on Metalopolis. Jos "Ret" De Kroon (Zerg) of Team Liquid also bit the dust early, losing to Chan-Min "TheBestfOu" Kim (Terran) in three games. He took the first game on Metalopolis, but lost on Steppes of War and Jungle Basin.

Thankfully, Jonathan "Jinro" Walsh (Terran) of Team Liquid managed to carry the foreigners' torch by dismantling Jae-Ho "FOXMoon" Jang (Zerg) in two games on Scrap Station and Xel'Naga Caverns--you can watch the first match .

Also, Yo-Hwan "SlayerSBoxer" Lim (Terran) lost to Seong-Hun "PoltPrime" Choi (Zerg) in three games, beating him on Blistering Sands but losing on Delta Quadrant and Jungle Basin, so you'll have to wait until next season to see the Terran Emperor return to the GSL stage.