Ding! You are now free to Twitter about the country

Monday, I as a fine example of corporate Twitter use. Tuesday, I had a chance to follow up that story with an interview of Christi Day, a member of Southwest's "Emerging Media Team" and the face behind the account.

Unlike , the customer service-focused Twitter account from Frank Eliason and his team of crack CSRs at Comcast, Christi uses the @SouthwestAir account as another way to communicate with Southwest customers.

"It kind of evolved into a two-way conversation with all our customers, whether it be about cheap fares to Disneyworld, lost luggage or bad weather." Recent tweets from Christi mention an upcoming Tweetup in Dallas, (a networking event where local Twitter users meet and greet) bad weather in San Francisco which caused delays, and some replies to Southwest customers.

The account isn't generally used as a way to solve customer issues. "We don't advertise it that way," Christi told me. "We have a well-thought out way to fix customer issues" through and the 800 number.

"It's hard to find someone's lost bag in 140 characters," she told me. I can imagine. The limited customer service that Christi does is more about "finding another way reach people and help them out."

The PR group that Christi works for at Southwest, the Emerging Media Team, is a small group that does all of Southwest's online videos, manages the site, and handles Southwest Twitter and Facebook pages. Christi told me the team is at "the forefront of online communications. Our own PR 2.0."