DEMO - Enterprise security solutions take stage

Von Ephraim Schwartz

While the gamers and entertainers get all the headlines at shows like Demo Fall "05, enterprise solutions are the backbone of the bi-annual show that connects high-tech innovators with high-tech investors.

In the age of Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance regulations EverEZ Systems" ability to connect and associate e-mail with other types of documents in a single file-management system is becoming increasingly important. Rather than alternating between e-mail and relevant Windows folders, for example, folders and e-mails that have something in common with those folders appear together, linked side by side within the same management window. Both incoming and outgoing e-mails are linked to appropriate folders by user-designated keywords. E-mail attachments can be accessed from within the e-mail in a drop-down display.

E-mail and application continuity is the goal of the Teneros Application Continuity appliance. The appliance plugs into a server rack and replicates the primary Exchange message store before going into standby mode. After synchronization it looks for soft and hard failures in the production environment Exchange Server and, when necessary, becomes an automatic restore device.

During the demonstration, Steve Lewis, CEO and founder of Teneros, cut the Exchange server Ethernet cable while the audience watched. The production server went down only to be instantly replaced by the Teneros appliance.

When the system comes back and is up and running an administrator clicks the Fail Back button, which returns all of the e-mails handled by the Teneros appliance during downtime to the Exchange server.

IntelliReach"s primary target is e-mail content. IntelliReach MX2020 offers a management console application that gives administrators the ability to manage e-mail anti-spam and ant-virus, secure messaging, filtering, and archiving in a single management window.

The system gives administrators a visual policy editor that depicts policy as workflows and tracks policy offenders with a visual presentation or dashboard. MX2020 also enforces policy to determine which messages to prohibit, send, and archive with full text indexing and search across all archival storage types.

Determina technology also focuses on dealing with virus attacks. It attempts to ease the angst of taking down a system under attack to install a patch.

The Determina Vulnerability Protection Suite [VSP] applies patches without interrupting business activity, according to Matthew Powell, CEO and founder.

The VPS management solution protects the business process code rather than building a signature profile of the attacker. Determina uses this to immunize the code before a system is brought down.

From text to video, inSors Grid 2 offers enterprise video conferencing and collaboration on the fly. Using an instant message paradigm to detect availability, a user can instantly link in available participants for an ad hoc video conference.

The system links users whether they are on a cell phone, desktop or in a full-blown conference command center.

Rather than sharing information, Workshare prevents intentional or inadvertent leaks of mission critical information from seeping out of the enterprise. Code-named Hygiene, the technology finds data risks in documents and alerts the appropriate department head or security managers. The system also automatically removes the offending material, marks the document as cured and sends on the edited data to the intended recipient. Hygiene also blocks e-mail if it does not recognize a validated e-mail account.

Finally, UniPrivacy DeleteNow is a solution that shuts down information flow when unauthorized users search for personal data. The monthly subscription service searches out personal information from Internet search engines and database and removes it. While allowing individual users to take control of their privacy, it is also expected that the major credit card companies will offer systems like this to its card holders as a service.