CyberLink Media Suite 10 Ultra: Efficient Design, Complete Multimedia Editing


If I have any gripe to register against Media Suite 10, it's that none of the modules support DirectShow filters, so you can't play anything that Media Suite 10's applications don't natively support. They support quite a few, including the MKV container, but FLAC (a lossless format that's very popular in classical and audiophile circles) and the OGG Theora video format are missing in action. Less important, but also missing, is support for RealMedia and some Apple formats. The absence of FLAC support somewhat prevents the suite from being a universal media package, at least in my case.

While Media Suite 10 Ultra costs $130 for new users, the Pro version, which omits Blu-ray support, costs $100. Whether a media suite lacking Blu-ray support should be called "Pro" is debatable, but there it is.

Appellations aside, Media Suite 10 Ultra's only real competition these days is Roxio Creator 2012, an $80 suite. But Roxio has nothing to rival PowerDVD 12's playback capabilities, a difference that puts Media Suite 10 Ultra in a class of its own. As CyberLink alternatively describes it, this suite is an "11-in-1 Digital Media Value Pack." Now if the company would only add that darn DirectShow support.