Converting CDs to Windows-compatible ISO images

Reader P.J. Schultz is attempting to reach across the great Mac/PC platform divide but has been thwarted. She writes:

There is. Like so:

Insert the CD into your Mac's media drive and then launch Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities). When Disk Utility launches you'll see the CD listed in the left-side of the Disk Utility window. Most likely that CD will have more than one listing--the name of your media drive (SuperDrive, for example) followed by Session 1 and then the name of the CD. Select the first of these names--, in our example.

Click the New Image button at the top of the window and in the resulting sheet choose DVD/CD Master from the Image Format pop-up menu. In the Save As field give your image an intuitive name such as Canonprinter and click Save. Disk Utility will now create a disk image called Canonprinter.cdr.

Copy that image to your USB thumb drive, move the thumb drive to the PC, and copy the disk image to the PC. Remove the .cdr extension and replace it with .iso. (So, in our example, the disk image would now be called Canonprinter.iso.) On the PC download a copy of SlySoft's free . This is a utility that allows you to mount ISO images as if they were hard drives or removable media.