Cisco loses out as Brocade wins healthcare software company business

A healthcare software provider has upgraded its Gigabit Ethernet network to improve service to customers and reduce errors during backup.

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HealthMEDX , a Missouri-based provider of software for long-term care, home health and rehabilitation organizations, didn't increase the speed of its backbone. It merely swapped out from to Brocade to achieve wire-rate performance, which eliminated the backup errors and helped save the company's reputation with its customers.

"We were facing port errors every single night," says Chris Bingham, vice president of infrastructure at HealthMEDX. "We were facing bandwidth restrictions or available capacity restrictions. We had to meet maintenance and application delivery requirements and development requirements. We needed a faster network."

HealthMEDX replaced 18 to 20 Cisco Catalyst switches, anchored by two oversubscribed Catalyst 4507s in the backbone, with an equal number of Brocade FCX Series and Brocade FastIron WS Series Power over Ethernet (PoE) LAN switches. The company also installed Brocade-labeled LAN access points - which are OEMed from .

The switches interconnect 100+ physical servers and 200 to 300 , Bingham says.