Check Out Gmail's New Look: Rolling Out Now

A new and different looking for Gmail is now landing in users' inboxes.

The Gmail redesign, news of which leaked a couple weeks ago, is rolling out now, according to the . Over the next few days, a "Switch to the new look" link will appear in the bottom-right corner of Gmail. All users will get the redesign soon after, regardless of whether they click the link.

Here's a refresher on what's new with Gmail:

New Design

Gmail now takes on a similar look to Google+ and other products that have received the redesign treatment. Buttons are a light gray with sharp edges, and a big red "Compose Mail" button adds a tough of color to the interface. If you were using the "Preview" or "Preview (Dense)" themes in Gmail already, the new design should look familiar. But now, you can control the density of information by clicking the gear icon near the top-right side of the screen.

Navigation Changes