Brütal Legend DLC maps out next week, free on PS3 till 11/19

It's only been out for two weeks, but fans are really taking to and its unique multiplayer. EA and Double Fine will look to capitalize on that popularity when they release two additional multiplayer maps for the game next week, which come with a bonus axe upgrade. The maps will be available on November 3 on Xbox 360 for 400 MS Points ($5). The PlayStation 3's DLC, however, will be free for the first two weeks when it releases on November 5, with the price shifting to $5 on November 19.

EA and Double Fine's press release is below. Please note that since the release is from the UK, that the prices do not reflect US currency. I have sent word out to find out about the exclusivity of the deal and will update the article if I hear back. Any Xbox 360 Brütal Legend owners out there have anything to say on the topic?