Box and LiquidPlanner Team Up for Better Project Management

Effective for many organizations. Businesses need tools to allocate resources, monitor progress, track costs, and project deadlines. Project teams also need to be able to share information and collaborate on files necessary to complete the project. A new partnership between provides customers with both---integrating project management with data sharing and collaboration.

is an established brand among cloud data storage and file sharing services-- use--but you may not be familiar with . LiquidPlanner is a cloud-based project management solution. LiquidPlanner uses innovative techniques to simplify project management and help organizations make the most efficient use of the resources at their disposal.

LiquidPlanner uses some unique techniques to help project managers plan and manage projects more effectively. LiquidPlanner lets you create best or worst case scenarios to get a range of the costs or time involved in a project. It also assigns task deadlines as a range rather than a specific date. It may seem less precise, but it's a more accurate reflection of the dynamic changes that can affect a project.

LiquidPlanner has its own communication and collaboration tools as well. Project teams can comment with @replies, and receive email notifications when new messages are available. It also has calendar integration, and allows project managers or team members to create new tasks via email.

Now, take all of that and merge it with the robust data storage, file sharing, and real-time , and you have a solid platform for getting things done.

With Box integration, LiquidPlanner enables project teams to manage and collaborate on data more effectively. Project managers can ensure that project teams have access to the data they need, and track the progress of documents as they evolve over the course of the project.