Big players take on best of breed in BI battle


However, HP has been slow in providing details about the unit and its strategy plans. A HP Australia spokesperson was unable to confirm when the local BI unit will be established in Australia or provide staff numbers.

The unit's flagship product will be internally developed data warehousing technology. Last October HP began to ship its new data warehousing technology, NeoView, which was developed as part of an ongoing internal HP effort to consolidate more than 700 data marts into an enterprise data warehouse.

Gartner's Bertram said the unit's title may be deceptive unless the company beefs-up its BI capability to be on par with its information management capability.

"BI is an overused and misunderstood term [that] is fading into obscurity," Bertram said. "HP is misleading people by dubbing the unit as a business intelligence unit because it is still underdeveloped."

Bertram said HP will need to draw on the BI expertise of [[ArtId: 1243040291|recently acquired BI vender Knightsbridge Solutions]] if it opens a local BIO unit.