Australian Tax Office digitizing data to save space

The Australian Tax Office is implementing a massive new electronic documents management system to reduce its 20 terabytes of unstructured data, 80 kilometers of data storage shelves and the 26 million hardcopy forms it collects annually.

The new system is in it's fourth year as part of an ongoing transformation project which aims to remove almost all paper-based ATO records for digital storage.

ATO assistant commissioner for records management Graham Bailey said it is completed about 50 percent of the rollout and is looking for ways to consolidate its 14.5 terabytes of administration and local data.

"We used IBM records manager for the work we have done so far and we are hoping to use it for our work in the admin data," Bailey said, adding it uses automated content recognition for reducing duplicated data and determining legal archival periods.

"Everyone is very supportive of the system. We have 13,000 users are accessing our e-learning tool, and we setup a helpline and Web FAQs for support. Users have begun to use [Holocentric's] business processing application as a communication tool, which was an unexpected benefit."

"We follow the COSO (The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) standard for record keeping and for identifying priority areas."