Australian Bill Gates fans set to stomp Cinderella

When the clock strikes midnight on January 29, 2007, Cinderella could lose more than a shoe as Bill Gates fans rush to buy the very first signed copy of Windows Vista in Australia.

The very first copy of Vista to hit Australian shores, which is signed by the man himself, Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates, will be available to local fans at midnight Friday, January 20, 2007.

Starstruck punters can enter a draw to win the signed copy of Vista at the Harvey Norman store in Sydney's inner city suburb of Alexandria.

The winner will be drawn at 11:59pm.

In attendance to congratulate the lucky winner will be Harvey Norman Chairman Gerry Harvey and Microsoft Australia's new managing director Tracey Fellows.

On the night, Harvey and Fellows will stay awake well past midnight to announce the winner who purchases the very first copy of Vista in Australia..