ASX traces outage back to trading platform upgrade

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has confirmed that .

The upgrade was implemented two weeks ago to improve the speed of trades on the ASX Trade platform. However, ASX spokesperson, Leanne Bland, said in a statement that those components had been removed to ensure the problem could not occur again.

"ASX Trade has operated normally since, including the processing of more than 850,000 trades last Friday, 20 per cent higher than the daily average for the year," she said.

Bland added that Monday's trading volume was also "solid", with more than 620,000 trades facilitated. "ASX will continue to invest in and upgrade its systems to ensure our customers have access to one of the fastest and most sophisticated equity trading systems in the world," she said.

The ASX plans to publish a public document on its . This is not the first time the ASX has suffered an outage this year. Back in February, .

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