Apple: No new products before the holidays

Despite Internet rumors of forthcoming product releases, an Apple representative confirmed that the company has no plans to release any new products before the holidays.

"Our holiday line-up is set," Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Macworld.

For instance, one claims that Apple will release new iMacs and an updated Mac mini on November 10. The report offers only "Apple moles" as the source for the report.

Another claims the iMac will be updated in November, as well. According to that report the iMac would receive speed bumps and not any major updates.

It's no surprise that the rumor mill is targeting the Mac Pro, Mac mini and iMac--they are the only major Mac products that haven't seen updates in the past several months. The Mac Pro was last updated in when Apple replaced the desktop's two dual-core 2.66GHz Xeon chips with a pair of quad-core 2.8GHz processors. The iMac line underwent a , adding the Penryn processors that also power Apple's laptops. The Mac mini has gone the longest without an update, remaining unchanged since .

However, It's not as if Apple has remained silent in the run up to the holiday shopping season. The company hosted two events in the past two months, announcing new and new , , and a new models.