Another nail in the PDA's coffin?


"It'll probably grow at least that much again next year," Kort said. The trend toward lower-priced smart phones is not only putting a crimp on PDA sales, but it also will start limiting sales of higher-end smart phones," Kort added.

"The cost is coming down so quickly in the last six months you won't see a lot of $300 or $400 or $500 smart phones coming out next year," he said.

For the enterprise, too

So far, vendors are aiming cheaper smart phones at consumers, but lower prices will also have a big impact on the enterprise, the analysts agreed.

"It's the same equation at the low end of the enterprise market as it is on the consumer side," Strother said. "It becomes a matter of device management. The IT guys will think, 'hey, I can only give them one device.' So the smart phone will become the standard over time."