Another high-profile hack, DDOS probe goes global


6. : Sun shareholders approved the company's acquisition by Oracle, but the voting margin in favor of the deal was "surprisingly low" in the opinion of Dan Olds, an analyst with Gabriel Consulting Group.

7. : China had 338 million Internet users at the end of June -- more than the U.S. population, which stands at just shy of 307 million. More people in China are using e-commerce and accessing the Web using mobile phones than previously, and overall Internet use there is the highest of any country, according to the China Internet Network Information Center.

8. : Almost six in 10 companies have no current plans to move to Microsoft's Windows 7, which is supposed to be out in October, according to a survey published by ScriptLogic, which makes software tools for the Windows OS.

9. : For those of us who remain mystified about why it is that spam messages purporting to sell products keep rolling into our inboxes -- who in the world clicks on those links? -- the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group supplied some answers. Twelve percent of respondents to a recent survey said they bought something that way, and that apparently is a high enough percentage to make spam a lucrative venture. As Ian Paul says at the outset of his column about the survey -- "All right. Listen up people: We have a problem."

10. and : We end this week's Top 10 with a Network World slide show that looks at 10 technologies brought to us by NASA's Apollo 11 project that landed men on the moon 40 years ago on July 20. "And today, through the true magic of the Internet, we are able to again see, hear and experience a second-by-second re-enactment of that spectacular event and relive it right on our computer screens," Todd Weiss marvels in his PC World column.