Android Tips: 7 Ways to Get Around Your Phone Faster


In addition to customizing your home-screen panes and adding both widgets and shortcuts, you can add folders to your Android home screens to further customize and organize content on your smartphone. Create a new folder the same way you would a new shortcutby pressing and holding a blank space on your home screen until an options menu appears. Choose the Folders option, and a new folder will be assigned to your home screen. You can then fill up your folders by dragging applications over the folder-icons and dropping them in.

Some Android devices, including the Motorola Atrix 4G, let you customize your home button, so it performs different functions when double-tapped. For instance, you can set the Double Tap Home feature to open up your camera or your phone's dial-pad, etc., whenever you double-tap your Home button.

To do so, open up your Android Settings, scroll down and click the applications option, and then, on the following page, choose Double tap home launch. Next, pick the function you wish to launch after double-tapping your home button, and you're good to go.

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