ADF goes live with e-hub

The Maritime System Division of the Australian Department of Defence (ADF) has gone live with a full integrated B-to-B e-hub for the electronic exchange of data with trading partners.

The ADF processes an estimated two billion transactions a year and has implemented the Axis solution from Mincom.

Brigadier David McGahey said the e-hub will reduce costs and shorten processing time.

Mincom senior vice president of defense, Ian McDonald, said it is the first phase of the project which focuses on integrating spare parts and consumables.

He said the second phase will focus on integrating equipment maintenance systems such as work request information exchange with ADF's heterogeneous ERP systems designed to support common defense logistics environment.

As part of its goal to establish a global defense solution, Mincom has formed a separate Defence division, which will function as a separate business unit. The Mincom Defence business unit remains totally supported and integrated with the existing Mincom organization and partner programs globally.