10 Ways to Make Your Home Geeky Cool

Fancy a home with some stylish and geeky home improvements? OK, you've got the geek gear. You've got the . But have you got the geek house? Read on as GeekTech shows you how to make your home into something friends would be envious of, using cool DIY projects or hacks.

Most coffee tables are merely functional, but is a conversation piece. The table itself is made from wood, but the grid in side just cardboard slotted together. In each of the cardboard squares is an LED that is capable of changing into various colors. The individual LEDs are controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Add in a 64, and you have a coffee table that's not only pretty to look at, but capable of mini light shows.

If you want extra workspace or storage in the kitchen without making the room too cramped, make an into the floor. Web developer Tim Thaler used a hydraulic scissor lift to get the cabinet moving up and down. When down, the island simply lowers into a utility room. Tim uses an iPhone app to control his hydraulic island: Once the island is fully up or down, the app cuts the power to the lift. Sadly, the necessary equipment doesn't come cheap, so you might want to do a little eBay shopping. Check out of the cabinet in action.