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Today, servers, storage and networks in datacenters have been implemented as a collection of components plugged together, each of them designed to optimize its own efficiency, with relatively low attention to a "holistic" approach.

Modern data centers provide IT capacity in a very flexible, green and cost effective manner. Making this come true requires a reshaping - instead of a rebuilding of existing datacenter disciplines like Data Management, Data Protection, Automation, virtualization, ERP optimization or power management.

Therefore the key questions to be answered are:
  • What are the winning strategies for the datacenter of today and tomorrow?
  • How to balance innovation, legacy and business dynamics?
  • How to simplify the roadmap to tomorrow's datacenter?
  • Which skills should Managed-Service-Providers have, which offerings are "best of breed"?
  • Is there something like a trusted cloud environment easy to use?
Join us live for an international webcast from COMPUTERWOCHE and COMPUTERWORLD in collaboration with Fujitsu, the leading European IT solutions provider - on 25th of October 2011 at 11:00 a.m.!

The following top experts will join the discussion:
computerwocheThomas Meyer, IDC Analyst, VP EMEA Systems and Infrastructure Solutions, will highlight some of the datacenter areas CIOs/IT Decision Makers should focus on and prioritize to transition the datacenter into best of breed for the next decade.
computerwocheBernhard Brandwitte, Director and Head of Product Marketing, Fujitsu, will evaluate ways how to ensure real flexibility in the datacenter and provide guidance which IT delivery model might be appropriate.