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  • Mit Windows 8

    Neue Tablets von Acer und Asus

    Mit der kommenden Betriebssystem-Version nimmt Microsoft einen neuen Anlauf im Tablet-Markt. Auf der Computex in Taipeh haben Acer und Asus als erste Hersteller entsprechende Modelle vorgestellt.  …mehr

  • Studie

    Kaum Vertrauen in Datenschutz durch Facebook und Mobilfunker

    Das Unternehmen YouGov hatte im Mai 2012 über 1000 Deutsche nach ihren Einstellung und Verhaltensweisen beim Austausch von personenbezogenen Daten mit Unternehmen befragt. Die Studie ergab, dass gerade einmal 39 Prozent der Befragten glauben, Unternehmen würden ihre persönlichen Daten  ausschließlich für den Zweck nutzen, für den sie bestimmt sind.  …mehr

  • Business Knigge

    Die Visitenkarte ist Ihr Gesicht

    Die Karte ist das Aushängeschild des Inhabers. Daher ist auch bei ihr auf ein tadelloses Erscheinungsbild zu achten. Verknickte, befleckte, verschmierte oder auch handschriftlich korrigierte Karten wirken unprofessionell.  …mehr

  • Microsoft Marketplace

    Spielwiese für Windows Phones

    Der Microsoft Marketplace hat über 100.000 Apps im Angebot. Das Problem: Sie lassen sich nur noch ab Windows Phone 7.5 kaufen. …mehr

    Von Tobias Wendehost
  • Five things to look forward to in Apple's iOS 6

    iOS 6 is due out this fall. While at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the event is still really about software. That's why Apple CEO Tim Cook and other execs offered up a slew of -- due out next month -- and, more importantly, unveiled , the next version of Apple's mobile OS.  …mehr

  • Elgan: Siri, how do I feel?

    is working on technology that will spy on you in your own home, watching your body language and face and listening to your voice for cues about your mood and emotional state.  …mehr

  • Mass Effect 3 Gets Expanded Ending Sequence; Available June 26

    Game developer BioWare is releasing an expanded ending sequence for Mass Effect 3 following negative feedback from players.  …mehr

  • TfL considers move away from Capita

    Transport for London's CIO, Steve Townsend, has confirmed to Computerworld UK that he is considering a move away from a contract with Capita Business Solutions that is due to expire in 2013, where it provides the organisation with an information management system.  …mehr

  • Google Doodle Honoring British Mathematician a Brain Game

    Google's latest doodle is a brain twister befitting the man it is meant to honor -- the late British mathematician Alan Turing, who would have turned 100 on Saturday.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Slippery Surface

    Welcome, Microsoft Surface! Well, not really , since it doesn't come out for months. More like "Please accept this promise of being welcomed some time in the future!" Surely this will bring nothing but disaster for Apple products, from the iPad to the MacBook Air to iPod Socks. But competition is good! So is choice! What's not good is some of this analysis. Yeesh.  …mehr

  • Celebrate Alan Turing's Birthday and Check Out the Lego Turing Machine

    How do you mark the birthday of , the "Father of Computers"? You could make a , or you could to commemorate what would be his 100th birthday.  …mehr

  • US judge dismisses Apple patents lawsuit against Motorola

    A U.S. federal judge Friday ruled that Apple cannot seek an injunction against Motorola Mobility in its smartphone patents lawsuit, tossing out the case "with prejudice," meaning that neither side can refile, although the ruling could be appealed.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Veni, vidi, vici

    The App Stores come to more than 30 new countries, Facebook comes to a deal with a new recruit from Apple, and Acer's founder comes to terms with the new Microsoft. The remainders for Friday, June 22, 2012 have yet to come to their senses.  …mehr

  • Weekly Wrap: New Mac reviews, email advice, and Surface thoughts

    This week, Microsoft unveiled its potential iPad competitor, we put several new Macs to the test, and we offered some advice on no longer using email for everything. Let's dive in!  …mehr

  • Five Ways to Hack Your Video Game Controllers Into Something Awesome

    Games sure have changed since the days of simply shooing pixels upwards at descending "invading" pixels. Today we've got 3D graphics, games, progressive multiplayer games, leaderboards, achievements, procedural level generation, and a whole mess of gameplay features.  …mehr

  • Sony and LL Cool J Rap It Up with Web-Based Music Collaboration Bundle

    Dr. Dre may have his Beats brand, but LL Cool J was aiming not to miss any as he showed off , a $900 software and hardware bundle that allows musicians in two different locations to mix and collaborate on the same song at the same time.  …mehr

  • Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 Metro App Ecosystem Set to Grow

    With the unveiling of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft completes the circuit it promised last fall at its Even though the company took a meandering, lumbering route, today we're seeing a compelling combined desktop and mobile vision coming from Redmond. Between the tablets shown off earlier this week and Windows Phone 8 -- together with Windows 8 -- Microsoft appears to be setting itself up well for the post-PC, cross-platform world. And if Microsoft truly fulfills its potential to unify platforms, that will give its operating systems a distinct edge and grant users a clear benefit.  …mehr

  • LG Optimus Vu: An Impressive Phone Held Back by Clumsy Design

    On paper, the LG Optimus Vu (currently available only in South Korea) sounds like a killer phone: It has a high-resolution display, a speedy processor, and NFC (near-field communication), and is LTE-compatible. However, the phone itself doesn't live up to what you see on the spec sheet, and you're left feeling let down by what could have been a superb product. The disappointments include an awkward design, a nonremovable battery, and some software that felt a little undercooked.  …mehr

  • Alan Turing - Codebreaking, computing and bigotry

    A new exhibition celebrating the life and works of modern computing pioneer has opened at the Science Museum in London to mark his 100th birthday.  …mehr

  • The Week in iOS Accessories: Run and jump

    This week's roundup of iOS accessories will help you run, jump, and see the world around you just a little better than you could before.  …mehr

  • European data centres flourish, but power crisis lies ahead

    The importance of the "Big 4" European data centre markets - London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris - will increase over the next three years, with presence in all four markets becoming a major competitive differentiator by 2016, but power shortages could lead to problems in the future, according to a new report.  …mehr

  • Phone and Driver: Apps for Your Car

    If you're like a lot of folks, today's still-shaky economy is pushing you to live more frugally--including keeping your car on the road as long as possible. And with gas prices bouncing around $4 a gallon in many areas, the last thing you need is to get hit with pricy repairs, traffic tickets, or other unexpected auto-related expenses.  …mehr

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