Meldungen vom 04.12.2010

  • Die Top 100 IT-Unternehmen

    Was den Server-Markt verändert

    Es tut sich etwas im Server-Geschäft. Analysten glauben, dass ein wirtschaftlich-technischer Wandlungsprozess eingesetzt hat, der nichts mehr so lässt, wie es einmal war.  …mehr

  • Reminder: TheMacBundles launches December software bundle

    A reminder, has announced the launch of TheMacBundles' December Bundle along with the addition of new titles to its Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB) stores.  …mehr

  • Website of India’s top investigation agency attacked

    The website of a key investigative agency of the Indian government was hacked and defaced late Friday, according to a government official.  …mehr

  • Samsung Continuum: Two Displays Not Better Than One

    When we first heard about the ($200 with a two-year contract from Verizon), we were equally skeptical and intrigued. Does a full-touch smartphone really need a secondary "ticker" display? While we found the ticker display more useful than annoying, it still might not be for everyone--and it can occasionally be a pain to use.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Enthusiasms

    Editors’ Note: the skewers the worst of the week’s coverage of Apple and other technology companies. In addition to being a mythical beast, the is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.  …mehr

  • Web sites are stealing browser histories

    Certain Web sites probe visiting browsers  for data that can be used to help criminals craft phishing attacks that compromise the accounts of customers, researchers have found.  …mehr

  • Japan's Holographic 3D Soccer Dream Denied

    Earlier this year, we reported on Japan's plans for a as part of its bid to hold the soccer tournament. If you were looking forward to this, well, we're sorry to disappoint: Japan's World Cup bid was rejected, and along with it went holographic broadcast plans.  …mehr

  • PlusNet chops free international calls package

    Friendly Sheffield ISP PlusNet is ditching its free international calls package for some current and all new customers from next month, a potentially whopping price hike for anyone who currently uses the feature.  …mehr

  • Galaxy Tab sales hit 1 million, reports say

    Samsung has sold 1 million worldwide just two months after putting it on sale outside the U.S., and all four major wireless U.S. carriers starting sales in mid-November, according to a report.  …mehr

  • Nominations open for Everywoman Awards

    Connecting Women in Technology (CWT), the cross-industry network for female employees in the industry, is calling for nominations for its .  …mehr

  • Oracle highlights Solaris Unix plans

    The Infoworld story "Oracle highlights Solaris Unix plans" which ran Thursday reported incorrectly that Solaris Express cannot be used in production or commercial environments. It can be used in both. The last paragraph of the story has been corrected and now reads:  …mehr

  • Chromebook: Coming Next Week?

    By now you've probably heard that Google is hosting a in San Francisco. The promised "exciting news about Chrome." Does that mean the Chromebook is finally upon us?  …mehr

  • 'Natty Narwhal' Alpha Offers Peek at Ubuntu 11.04

    Canonical on Thursday released the first alpha version of Ubuntu 11.04, offering fans of the open source Linux operating system an early glimpse at the next major version.  …mehr

  • Labyrinth

    This Android app is based on a game that involves moving a marble or ball bearing through a three-dimensional maze on the tiltable upper surface of a wooden box, avoiding holes that the ball can fall into. If the ball drops out of sight, you have to start over at the beginning point. And because tilting the box is an imprecise way to make the ball move, the ball often acts as though it had a mind of its own. Also, as the ball approaches one of the holes, you tend to react more quickly than you should, which makes controlling the ball harder. This struggle against the force of gravity is both frustrating and addictive.  …mehr

  • WikiLeaks: Intel threatened to move Russian jobs to India

    Intel engaged in high-level talks with Russian officials and ultimately said it would pull research and development work from the country unless it could get around Russia's tough encryption import laws, according to a U.S. Department of State cable published by WikiLeaks.  …mehr

  • The week in iPhone cases: Novelties galore!

    Along with the standard fare of plastic, rubber, and battery cases, this week's roundup has more than its fair share of what we'll call "novelty cases"—products that favor originality and zaniness over practicality. It makes sense, considering that parents around the globe are on the prowl for affordable, entertaining accessories for the gift-giving season. So if you're looking for a novel case for an iPhone-owning friend or loved one—or for yourself, for that matter—look no further. From the bright and bulky Arkhippo, to Headcase's Etch A Sketch case, these coverings will put a smile on the faces of all but the Grinchiest gift recipients.  …mehr

  • UK CFOs fear the cloud

    Most CFOs at mid-sized UK firms are still unwilling to place their IT infrastructure in the cloud because of fears over data security, downtime and loss of control. They are also still unaware about the benefits offered by cloud computing.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: For shame

    There's no need to be embarrassed about a venerable product reaching the end of its natural life. Then again, if your brand new product is maybe a little strong for its own good, that might make you think twice. Plus, a pro tip: when it's the kind of problem that happens to everybody, don't deny that it ever happens to you. Fortunately, the remainders for Friday, December 3, 2010 have absolutely no shame.  …mehr

  • Micromobs: Inside a Social Network Startup

    In today's social-networked world, it can be tough to keep your personal information under your control. And given Facebook's dominant position, it's not so easy for start-up social networks to connect you with your friends, family and acquaintances. That's why a small start-up company named has taken up the challenge of bringing simplicity and privacy to you in one click.  …mehr

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