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  • Mark Hurd

    An den Werten von HP gescheitert

    Mark Hurd ist einer der erfolgreichsten Manager der USA. Mit ihm kam Hewlett-Packard wieder auf Kurs. …mehr

  • Hardware im Test

    Die besten Digitalkameras unter 100 Euro

    Urlaubszeit ist Fotozeit. Lesen Sie im Test unserer Schwesterpublikation PC-Welt, welche günstigen Digitalkameras für unter 100 Euro ihr Geld wert sind. …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Remains of the Day: Say it ain't so, Yoko

    The artists previously known as The Quarrymen are sticking to CDs, pranksters go for a repeat performance but lose something in the process, and not all droids are created equal. Ease into the weekend with the remainders for Friday, August 6, 2010. …mehr

  • Twitter for iPhone

    was an excellent Twitter client--may it rest in peace. It's now been replaced by , a rechristening of the app that occurred when . …mehr

  • Google Boosts Social Net Tools with Slide Buy

    A new, more social Google is on the way. Google confirmed reports it is headed into the world of social media Wednesday with its . …mehr

  • Adobe Should Be More Proactive About Security

    Adobe will , expected within two weeks, to plug a security flaw in Adobe Reader, the of the program's recent vulnerabilities. The problem is, this flaw was found through a presentation at the Black Hat conference last week, and not by Adobe's security team. …mehr

  • Why Android App Security Is Better Than for the iPhone

    Application security has become the focus of a flurry of intense attention in the mobile world lately, due largely to a few well-publicized events affecting each of the major platforms. …mehr

  • Android May Conquer the Smartphone World

    The global smartphone market is turning into a cheesy 1950s sci-fi flick: Androids are taking over. …mehr

  • MSI X420

    The MSI X420 packs a decently powerful punch into a slim, sexy chassis. The laptop features a CULV (Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage) Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a discrete graphics card, along with an easy two-button system of switching between the discrete and the integrated graphics cards (for performance and for battery life, respectively). While the discrete graphics card makes watching high-def video a smooth and seamless experience, the X420 is not quite a portable gaming powerhouse. …mehr

  • Mark Hurd's career at HP meets an unlikely end

    Former HP CEO Mark Hurd. Hewlett-Packard Co.'s former CEO Mark Hurd was not a typical Silicon Valley chieftain. He rarely sought the stage, a la Apple's Steve Jobs, and he wasn't interested in traveling to Washington, D.C. with Google's Eric Schmidt to help shape big policies. …mehr

  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-390t

    The HP Pavilion Elite HPE-390t, which sits atop the company's lineup, delivers commanding speed and functionality without breaking the bank. It might not unseat the performance category's leaders, but priced at a respectable $2050 (as of August 6, 2010), it brings six-core power and robust media functionality to the average user. …mehr

  • Browser 'Privacy Modes' Not So Private After All

    All the major web browsers have a privacy mode that's supposed to cover a user's tracks after he or she finishes an Internet session, but a trio of researchers have found those modes fail to purge all traces of a Net surfer's activities. …mehr

  • Toon Boom Animation releases Storyboard Pro 2

    Toon Boom Animation has announced the release of , an OS X application designed to assist filmmakers plan, draw, and manage storyboards for video projects of all sizes. …mehr

  • RIM may have cut deal with Saudi Arabia, say reports

    Research in Motion (RIM) and Saudi Arabia have arrived at a preliminary agreement that will involve the company setting up its server there and providing the government access to the data, according to media reports on Saturday from Saudi Arabia. …mehr

  • Network admin Terry Childs gets 4-year sentence

    A City of San Francisco administrator who refused to hand over administrative passwords to the city's network was sentenced to four years in state prison Friday. …mehr

  • Microsoft probes new Windows kernel bug

    Microsoft on Friday said it is investigating an unpatched vulnerability in Windows after an Israeli researcher revealed a bug in the operating system's kernel driver. …mehr

  • Report: Apple exec out after iPhone 4 antenna controversy

    Apple maintains that complaints about the iPhone 4’s antenna design and reception were overblown. But an executive in charge of device hardware engineering has parted ways with Apple, according to media reports. …mehr

  • Mini Ninjas for Mac

    It's time to break out your katanas-- has landed on the Mac. 's heroic tale of a troupe of "mini" ninjas saving the world from an evil samurai warlord is cute, immersive, and easy to play. once again does a stellar job of porting a unique gaming experience to the Mac. …mehr

  • SAP admission of liability highlights Oracle third-party support issues

    SAP AG's admission of in a lawsuit brought against it by Oracle Corp. over third-party support services will likely speed resolution of the dispute between the two companies. …mehr

  • Alleged RBS WorldPay hacker extradited to US

    One of the alleged masterminds of a 2008 precision strike on payment processor RBS WorldPay has been extradited from Estonia to face U.S. justice. …mehr

  • Network admin Terry Childs gets 4-year sentence

    A City of San Francisco administrator who refused to hand over administrative passwords to the city's network was sentenced to four years in state prison Friday. …mehr

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