Toon Boom Animation releases Storyboard Pro 2

Toon Boom Animation has announced the release of , an OS X application designed to assist filmmakers plan, draw, and manage storyboards for video projects of all sizes.

Storyboard Pro 2, whose predecessor won an Engineering Emmy in 2005, includes a number of features aimed at complex storyboarding operations, such as smart vector-based sketching, the ability to dynamically reorganize panels and scenes without losing their sequencing, and built-in animatics management, including support for attaching a soundtrack to the resulting output.

The app supports a wide range of input and output formats, and can be fully integrated with the  screenwriting software. In addition, it can export to PSD, PDF and Final Cut Pro.

Storyboard Pro 2 requires OS X 10.5 and is compatible with OS X 10.6. The full software costs $900 (although it is currently on sale for $800), while an upgrade from a previous version will set you back $450. The company also gives customers the option of renting the application for the price of $300 per year.