Meldungen vom 27.03.2010

  • Podcast: 4G Phones of the Future! CTIA Roundup

    This week on the podcast, Ginny Mies and Mark Sullivan are fresh out of Las Vegas and ready to talk about all of the brand-new cell phones and wireless technologies they saw at . …mehr

  • First Look: Nvidia GeForce GTX 480

    Is the GeForce GTX 480 fashionably late, or just plain late? ATI has been tooting the DirectX 11 horn for quite some time now, while their competitors labored on a rebuttal. At long last, Nvidia's first DirectX 11 graphics card is here -- and for better or worse, it's quite a beast. …mehr

  • Penny Arcade Adventures is over

    In an interview with Joystiq, Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik shared the unfortunate news that developer Hothead Games would not be renewing the Penny Arcade Adventures series of role-playing games. …mehr

  • Google Fiber Candidates: Top 5 Desperate Cities

    What's more entertaining than the sight of civic leaders fawning all over for a little high-speed action? In recent weeks, cities across the U.S. have staged some fairly bizarre antics to convince Google to build its proposed in their area. The search giant will by the end of 2010. …mehr

  • Apple gets iPad trademark just in time

    Just in time for the long-awaited iPad to go on sale, Apple has acquired the trademark on its name.  …mehr

  • RIM buys mobile software developer Viigo

    Research In Motion has purchased Viigo, a developer of software that delivers syndicated content to mobile phones, according to a on Viigo's Web site.  …mehr

  • Military warns of increasingly active cyberthreat from China

    On the same day that Inc. and the GoDaddy Group Inc. complained about China to a congressional committee, U.S. Navy Admiral Robert Willard appeared before the U.S. House Armed Services Committee with an even stronger warning about . …mehr

  • Gateway LT2120u: Style Meets Endurance

    Your cross-country flight will land long before the $350 (as of March 23, 2010) Gateway LT2120u netbook needs to sip from the AC again. Built around Intel's CPU and integrated 3150 GPU, as well as sporting 1GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive, and a 1024-by-600-pixel 10.1-inch display, the LT2120u lasted an impressive 9 hours, 40 minutes in our battery tests--no mean feat for a that's also a good performer. …mehr

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