Google Fiber Candidates: Top 5 Desperate Cities

What's more entertaining than the sight of civic leaders fawning all over for a little high-speed action? In recent weeks, cities across the U.S. have staged some fairly bizarre antics to convince Google to build its proposed in their area. The search giant will by the end of 2010.

Naturally, when the competition is this fierce -- for the fiber network -- you've got to stand out. And acting a little kooky is one way to show Google you care, even if you come across as, well, a little desperate. Here are five particularly nutty publicity stunts:

Nothing says "we care" quite like hypothermia. Perhaps that's what Don Ness, mayor of Duluth, Minnesota, was thinking when he in February. Question: Will Ness' plunge sway Google's execs to choose Duluth? Or will they simply ponder the of 35-degree water on male shrinkage?

Why suffer shrinkage with you can swim with sharks? Sarasota, Florida mayor Richard Clapp donned a wetsuit and took a quick dip last week in a local shark tank, according to the Sarasota .