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  • Publishers Short-Sighted in E-Book Price Fight

    Another episode of As The E-Book Turns wrapped this week, with locked in a page-turning battle with the publishing industry. The plot twists are many, but here's a quick outline: Amazon wants to continue charging $10 for versions of most new titles and bestsellers, but the industry's leading publishers think that price is too low. …mehr

  • ShmooCon: Inside FarmVille's Sinister Underbelly

    You see it all the time on Facebook: A friend moving on up in FarmVille. Another friend trying to expand his posse in Mafia Wars. Everyone thinks of them as harmless third-party applications, free from the crooks and cooks of cyberspace. …mehr

  • Europe trails world on fibre broadband

    The number of fixed broadband subscribers worldwide will rise to 501 million at the end of 2014. Of those, about 106 million will subscribe to services delivered via fibre. Fibre broadband subscribers totaled 44 million at the end of 2009. …mehr

  • iPad interest waning? So says one survey

    According to a survey published by , users have lost interest in the iPad since Apple  last month. However, as , statistics can be massaged to say pretty much anything …mehr

  • iPad Study: The More You Know, The Less You Want One

    The more people know about the , the less they want to buy one, according to a study released Friday. But, are we expecting too much?  …mehr

  • Symantec hit with class-action lawsuit over auto-renewals

    A New York man has sued security software maker Symantec for automatically renewing his subscription to Norton Antivirus, alleging that the company did not notify him before charging $76 to his credit card. …mehr

  • Yoono Firefox Plug-In Puts Social Media in One Window

    Yoono is an app that congregates social media updates from many sources into a single column for easy viewing and updating. This is the free version, which integrates Yoono functionality directly into the left side of the browser window, as well as updating in the form of pop-ups. It's nice to have that integration so that you can focus on more important Web sites, instead of constantly hitting reload on, for example. Yoono also has a free for those who want to keep their browser clutter-free. …mehr

  • ShmooCon: P2P Snoopers Know What's In Your Wallet

    Being security researchers and all, Larry Pesce and Mick Douglas thought it would be a hoot to take a look at some of the information people send out over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. They were taken aback by what they found. …mehr

  • ShmooCon: Your iPhone's Dirty Little Security Secret

    We've heard much about how our PCs and laptops can be compromised through malware and insecure wireless access points and often comfort ourselves with the knowledge that our smart phones are safe from such things. …mehr

  • LANdesk widens view of company assets

    Nearly half of businesses have had kit stolen by employees, according to survey by LANdesk. Forty-four percent of employees admit to having taken kit or intellectual property when leaving a company - with mobile phones topping the list of the most half-inched items. …mehr

  • Bmi installs new IBM check-in system

    Airline has signed a three and a half year contract with IBM to install a new self-service check-in system at airports in the UK and Ireland. …mehr

  • Gratuitous Space Battles

    ($23, free level-limited demo) is a game about explosions, lasers, more explosions, fusion beams, collapsing shields, a few more explosions, and tactics. A lot of tactics. It's the tactics that determine if the explosions will be happening on your ships or theirs. Let's get this one totally out of the way up front--it does not matter how fast you can twitch. There is no reflex or speed or reaction time element to this game at all. Once the battle starts, you are a patient observer, no more able to alter how the situation unfolds than Eisenhower could stop time during the Normandy invasion and reposition some troops. You can speed up, slow down, or pause the battle, and throw in the space-towel if you don't want to wait for the bitter end, but you have no control over your ships or their targets once the fighting starts. …mehr

  • Onslaught from Space for iPhone

    Onslaught from Space looks very much like something you would've played in a video arcade 20 years ago, and that's exactly what developer had in mind. …mehr

  • Essex outsourcing champion charged in expenses scandal

    Lord Hanningfield, the council leader who championed a outsourcing deal with IBM for Essex County Council, has resigned today amidst the MPs expenses scandal. …mehr

  • Apple's Bans Go Way Too Far

    Is Apple's that would use location data for displaying advertising not as onerous as anything Microsoft tried--and mostly didn't get away with?  …mehr

  • Searches for news trends lead to malware

    Nearly 14 percent of all searches for news trends on or buzzwords on lead to malware, says . …mehr

  • This Week in Geek

    This week saw the Flash battle rage on, a new iPhone firmware released, and Facebook received a redesign. But what went down in the world of geek? Let's take a look, in our weekly geek round-up.  …mehr

  • iPhone apps for the Super Bowl

    Fans of the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints will obviously be pulling for their teams in this weekend's Super Bowl XLIV contest in Miami, hoping that their team not only triumphs but does so in the most efficient manner possible. No offense to the Colt and Saint faithful, but the rest of us who have no dog in this particular hunt are just hoping for a compelling football game. …mehr

  • Online Video Explodes

    The online video market in December, as nearly 178 million U.S. Internet users watched 33.2 billion videos in the month alone, said last week. When broken down, the numbers mean that 86.5 percent of total U.S. Internet users watched online videos and averaged 187 videos per user. The average length video watched was 4.1 minutes, up from 3.5 minutes in a . …mehr

  • Time to Rethink Google Books?

    is a wonderful idea that is having a hard time meeting legal requirements. That's the upshot of the latest round in the battle between the world's search leader and the people who actually create the content exploits for huge profits. …mehr

  • X2 launches iTablet for Windows and Linux

    X2 Technology has capitalised on Apple's decision not to call its tablet the iTablet. Its X2 iTablet will run Windows or Linux and support Flash. …mehr

  • Dragon Age: Origins

    You'll spend a lot of time in covered in blood. Your characters, as one later acknowledges, engage in regular slaughter and mayhem. So you'll have to endure watching your player-created character and his party members engage in important conversations while covered in buckets of blood. It's morbid, a bit humorous, but quickly establishes the tone of this dark fantasy role playing game. …mehr

  • X2 intros iTablet, no relation to Apple iPad (honest)

    With perfect timing, a company called has announced the iTablet, a name rumored for Apple's iPad prior to Steve Jobs unveiling the tablet late last month. …mehr

  • The Macalope: Pad derangement syndrome

    Everyone's got it! It's the next big thing, computing reinvented, or it's a piece of junk! Nothing more than a sized-up iPod touch! …mehr

  • Castle Frenzy for iPhone

    Over the last year, the castle defense genre has become popular on the iPhone platform largely thanks to the efforts of smaller developers. Now iPhone gaming giant jumps into the fray with . Sporting 3D graphics, great animations and numerous ways to dispatch the ensuing hordes, Castle Frenzy is a beautiful and addictive title. …mehr

  • Apple offering £200 deal to owners of faulty 27-inch iMacs?

    Apple is paying unhappy customers an additional fee to keep them sweet when they return faulty for a refund, according to a new report. …mehr

  • Leo Apotheker quits as SAP CEO

    Leo Apotheker has resigned as CEO and executive board member of global software giant SAP after 20 years with the company. …mehr

  • Apotheker is out as SAP CEO

    Leo Apotheker has resigned as CEO of German ERP giant SAP, the company disclosed on Sunday. The decision was by mutual agreement with SAP's supervisory board, and is effective immediately. …mehr

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