Meldungen vom 25.12.2009

  • The gifts you didn't get: The best tech toys and books can still be yours

    Christmas has come and gone, and although you enjoyed the time with family and friends and gifts excahnged, there's something you craved that no one gave you. If you're feeling like there's something you wanted but didn't get, take matters into your own hands and get it yourself. And what better venue to find those techie treasures than the tech site …mehr

  • Knights Onrush for iPhone

    The App Store offers many tower defense games for the iPhone and iPod touch, but few deliver the quick, engaging play and a twisted sense of humor found in . In fact, Knights Onrush from combines standard tower defense and “God game” elements into a specific sub-genre of game which showcases the best of both worlds. …mehr

  • From digital to print and back

    The great thing about creating a digital scrapbooking page is that there’s almost no limit to the ideas you can try. And with a little thought, you can easily go from digital to printed pages and back again. Here are some tips on preparing your scrapbooking page for printing, as well as ideas for scanning your traditional pages and using elements from the pages in your other projects. …mehr

  • As DDoS Attacks Go, This One's a Dud

    With all due respect to the affected holiday shoppers in Northern California, yesterday's distributed denial-of-service attack on Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other sites could've been much worse. …mehr

  • China blames online games for drugs, murder, teen pregnancy

    China's state news channel has blamed hugely popular online games for problems including drug addiction, teen pregnancy and even murder this month as regulators crack down on allegedly harmful content in games. …mehr

  • Sony's PlayStation 3 got sales boost from Final Fantasy XIII

    Sony's PlayStation 3 got a boost from last week's launch of "Final Fantasy XIII" as Japanese consumers snapped up special-edition consoles to give the PS3 its best week since a relaunch several months ago, according to data released on Friday. …mehr

  • Lamson project takes pain out of email

    Dealing with email looks simple in theory, but becomes more and more complex the more you look at it. Postel's Law — be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others — seems to have been ignored by many when it comes to email. …mehr

  • Most Popular PC World Stories of 2009

    2009 was a pretty decent year in tech history--we saw the introduction of a few , a bunch of , and . These news items struck us as fairly significant announcements, but how popular were they with our readers? We spent some time identifying and analyzing the ten most widely read articles published in 2009--and found that readership was higher for pieces on violent video games and strange Google Street Views than on . Without further ado, here's the list (counting down from number 10): …mehr

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