Meldungen vom 24.12.2009

  • CIO des Jahres 2009

    Alle Bilder der größten CIO-Party

    Sie feierten bis vier Uhr morgens: Über 70 IT-Bosse ließen es bei der Preisverleihung in München so richtig krachen… …mehr

  • Fristlose Kündigung

    Das ist zu viel - 138 private Ausdrucke am Firmendrucker

    Überschreitet ein Arbeitnehmer das tolerierte Maß an Privatausdrucken auf dem Unternehmensdrucker, ist das Vertrauensverhältnis zwischen Arbeitgeber und Arbeitnehmer nachhaltig gestört. …mehr

  • Twitter's Mixer Labs Buy Spotlights Location-Based Services

    Twitter's , a service that helps developers build location-aware applications, shows that the company hopes to make location broadcasting an important part of its service. And the micro-blogging service isn't alone either: Google is getting into location-based services with its work on Google Maps and features like My Location, and Facebook recently to make way for opt-in location-based features. …mehr

  • Steam Holiday Sale

    The Steam Holiday Sale began this week, and will run through until Sunday January 3, 2010. If you're looking to buy a last minute gift, Steam offers Gifting functionality so you can send a code to friends or family for specific PC games, and this is made all the more appealing thanks to the fact that the service is offering savings of up to 80 percent on some titles, with daily offers associated with specific brands. You can buy a complete pack of Codemasters games for $74.99 for example, while all Atari games are offered at 66 percent off. The entire Ubisoft catalog is being offered at half price right now, while all 2K games are 33 percent off. …mehr

  • See path to messages in Snow Leopard's Mail

    Here's a quick tip on a new feature in Mail in Snow Leopard: the proxy icon at the top of a message window now works as it does in Finder, TextEdit, and many other OS X applications. (A proxy icon is, according to , "An icon in the title bar of a document window that users can manipulate as if they were manipulating the corresponding file-system object.") …mehr

  • Latest HDMI 1.4 specification to add 3D support

    HDMI Consortium is preparing to add 3D support to its latest 1.4 specification, which could bring 3D gaming and movie watching to high-definition TVs. …mehr

  • HP TouchSmart 300: Multitouch All-in-One

    HP is no stranger to the all-in-one market, having churned out a number of multitouch-capable machines under the TouchSmart line. But at $930 (as of 12/23/2009), the HP TouchSmart 300 occupies a somewhat peculiar niche. …mehr

  • Uno Rush on Xbox Live half off today

    While it may not be the hardcore favorite that (Marvel vs. Capcom 2) was, today's deal is sure to capture a few casual fans who may have opened their Xmas Xbox 360s early. Xbox spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb sent earlier today announcing that Uno Rush, normally a $10 game (800 Microsoft Points), has been dropped to $5.  …mehr

  • Online retailer jumpstarts Intel's Core i3 chip launch

    An online retailer is taking orders for a Hewlett-Packard laptop that includes Intel's latest Core i3 processor, providing details of the chip maker's next-generation laptop processor ahead of the product's official launch.  …mehr

  • Texas county to name drunk drivers on Twitter

    If you get busted for drunk driving in Montgomery County, Texas, this holiday season, your neighbors may hear about it on Twitter. …mehr

  • Qualcomm reorganizes as COO Lauer leaves

    Qualcomm is realigning its business units following the resignation of Chief Operating Officer Len Lauer, who is leaving to become CEO of an unnamed company, the wireless technology vendor announced Thursday. …mehr

  • How Mad Moxxi was inpsired by Borderlands players

    The the team at Gearbox has been saying for a while now that their plans for Borderlands would be influenced very directly by requests and comments from fans. In an interview with designers Stephen Cole, Drew Mobley, Jonathan Hemingway, Matthew Armstrong, and artist Tim Wilson on , they reveal just how seriously they take your feedback. …mehr

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